Weddings at St Peter's

You do not have to be a member of St Peter's to be married here: we will be delighted to welcome you at any time. The priest in charge may alternatively be willing to conduct services in other locations, for example in the Palace.

Clergy of the Scottish Episcopal Church are permitted to marry those who have been divorced. Please speak to the priest for more information if this is your position.

St Peter's seats about 50 people comfortably, but sometimes we can squeeze in a few more. If you would like to book St Peter's for a wedding, the first step is to contact the priest in charge who will give guidance and agree a date. Please make sure you have done this before making a firm booking with a hotel for the reception!

The local Registry Office has information on the legal issues involved in their leaflet Getting Married in Scotland and it is advisable that couples familiarise themselves with this early on in the proceedings. If you have any questions relating to the service itself, simply ask the priest.

Weddings are offered as part of the ministry of the church. There are no set fees, though some people choose to offer a donation to the church.

However, if you require the services of an organist there will be a fee for this.

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