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This page is intended to give a guide - most particularly for those who are already members of the congregation - to who does what, such as the members of the Vestry, listed at the foot of the page.

It helps everyone if you contact the right person! So, please, if you have

  • Vestry or organisational queries (other than church bookings, covered below), contact the Secretary,
  • financial questions, contact the Treasurer,
  • governance or charity (OSCR-related) questions, contact
  • Sunday School or creche questions, contact the Secretary,
  • questions on ecumenism or the Linlithgow Church Forum, contact
  • questions on Eco-Congregation Scotland, contact
  • questions on using or booking the church or the extension, contact
  • questions on maintenance of the church buidings, contact
  • items for the Sunday pew sheet, contact
  • or points for this website, contact
  • or points for the FacePook page, contact
  • or ones for the quarterly magazine, contact
  • a wish for the weekly electronic notices, contact
  • child protection or similar adult questions, contact

  • and otherwise please use the limited information on our contact page.

    For the year 2023/24, the members of the Vestry (with their date of first election or appointment) are:

    Rev Rosie Addis
    ex officio
    inducted 1 March 2023
    Mr Peter Lewis
    ex officio
    appointed November 2023
    Mrs Jane Ramsay
    ex officio
    elected 21 November 2021
    Lay Representative
    Mr T Stewart Veitch
    ex officio
    elected 6 January 2013
    Alternate Lay Rep
    Mrs Janet F Moss
    ex officio
    elected 15 January 2017
    ex officio
    but does not serve on the Vestry
    Rector's Warden
    Mrs Jane E Ramsay
    ex officio
    appointed 10 January 2016
    Elected Members
    Mrs Judy Barker
    elected 9 December 2018
    Ms Elspeth Drinkell
    elected 4 December 2022
    Mrs Catherine Fowler
    elected 21 November 2021
    Dr Clare McLay
    elected 24 November 2019
    Mr Ian Wallace
    elected 21 November 2021

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