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St Peter's is a registered Scottish Charity, number SCO 23190, as the footer to each of the web pages makes clear. As for any charity operating in Scotland, details of its organisation and operations can be derived from OSCR, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

As a very brief constitutional summary, the congregation elects a Vestry and, in conjunction with and with the consent of the Bishop of Edinburgh, appoints a Rector. The Rector has responsibility (under the Diocesan Bishop) for the spiritual well-being of the parish, whilst the Vestry has responsibility for the secular matters affecting St Peter's (for example, finance and compliance with the laws both of church and of state) and for supporting the Rector in his or her responsibilities.

The two most important documents detailing our governance are the constitution of 2017 (which superseded earlier versions of the constitution, most particularly that of 1980) and - regarded under Canon Law as part of the constitution - our Memorandum of Agreement with St Columba's, Bathgate.

For the present composition of the Vestry, see the People Page.

Anyone who has particular questions should direct them to the Secretary or to the Lay Representative, whose contact details are given on that People Page.

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  • Constitution
  • Memorandum with St Columba's, Bathgate
    There may be an updated version of this document not known to the webmaster
  • Questions: People Page
  • Charitable Authority: OSCR


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