Church Building - Hall Extension

Since 2015 St Peter's has been working towards an extension to the church building, to make our little church more friendly to those who might use our premises, and in particular to provide proper (if still restricted!) facilities for catering and for the disabled.

Click here for information about the background to our project, which has been left unaltered from that drafted early in the project. Only the dates and numbers have changed!

We now have not only the various official permissions we need but also sufficient money to let us get under way. What a wonderful moment! But it does mean that for approximately six months, from late September 2017 to Spring 2018, our building on the High Street will be a building site and so closed to all other access.

Meanwhile, we are grateful for all the help and support which we have received so far, and are continuing to receive, from a variety of sources, not least the other churches in Linlithgow and from our fund raising team. It takes a lot of work to raise the £1/4m or so we need!

Any and all contributions to "St Peter's Linlithgow Extension Fund" will still be very gratefully received!

Post Script! Details of the locations of our services and events can be found on the pages under the 'news' tab.

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