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We are a small, friendly congregation of around 75 members, served by a Rector. As it says on the home page, our church is open to all - we welcome everyone. We try to take a liberal stance on all issues and certainly to turn nobody away. We gather weekly to worship God and minister to one another and our local community: our principal weekly service is the 09:30 Sunday Eucharist.

Continuing Groups

A dynamic organisation is supposed to be regularly changing and growing; for us, that means that our patten of activities varies from month to month! In Advent and Lent, for example, we normally have bible study groups, both of our own members and where possible with those from other Linlithgow churches. But particular mention should be made of the following continuing activities:

Sunday School

Sunday School meets during the Sunday morning service, in the extension behind the church (enter by the second of the two side doors). What an improvement: formerly it met in a nearby hall. There is also a creche. In addition, we have an associated, small youth fellowship. Sunday School has been a continuing feature of life in St Peter's for many years, continually renewing itself with each succession of new parent-leaders.

Note that Sunday School and the related groups do not normally meet when the schools are on holiday.

Eco- Group

There is no Eco-Group as such, but as a church we are a member of Eco-Congregation Scotland and are routinely seen both at its national meetings and those for Linlithgow and West Lothian. We all know the issues concerned with sustainability and our consumption of the earth's resources, and we know the need for action, both by ourselves and through the regular inter-governmental meetings. What can we as a congregation do about it? Details in church, or contact the .

St Mary's Social Group

All members of St Peter's are invited to join this group, which meets on a monthly basis (normally the second Monday of the month) from September to June. Meetimgs are held at 19:30 in St Mary's Church Hall, Ronaldshay Crescent, Grangemouth. See details of the current programme.

We also take an active part in the Fair Trade activities of Linlithgow and are ourselves recognised as a Fair Trade Congregation.


The members of St Peter's are active in many of the affairs of the "Royal and Ancient Burgh"; we aim to be - and are - active members of the community. In many of these activities we join with the congregations of other churches, but there are also specific inter-church activities. See our outreach page, which also outlines our more recent links with the church in Uganda.

Scottish Episcopal Church

St Peter's, Linlithgow, is a congregation of the Scottish Episcopal Church, administratively in the Diocese of Edinburgh, one of the seven dioceses into which the Episcopal Church is divided. The Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Community, being in full communion with the Church of England.

We are linked with St Columba's Episcopal Church in nearby Bathgate. Our two churches are independent, each serving their own local community, but we join with them for a number of social activities, some of the special services - and in sharing our priest.

Like the Scottish Episcopal Church as a whole, St Peter's is registered with OSCR as a Scottish Charity, number SC 023190. If you are interested in our organisational structure, see the governance page.


Church Building

St Peter's is on the High Street, a short distance west of Cross Well and the ruined palace. The small Byzantine building (officially 153 High Street) sits slightly back from the street and immediately opposite the clearest of the passages down to the loch. The church, consecrated in 1928, is architecturally Grade B listed.


The Royal & Ancient Burgh of Linlithgow is one of Scotland's oldest burghs, with a chartered history dating back at least to 1188. The former county town is an attractive burgh with easy access to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and central Scotland generally. The birth place of Mary Queen of Scots, Linlithgow has a strong tourist base - a large, ruined palace above the loch, a bustling high street, and easy access to several country parks nearby.

Throughout the year there is a strong community programme, which climaxes in June with the the Children's Gala Day and the Annual Riding of the Marches.

The latest local website is Linlithgow - A Great Visit.

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