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Wheelchair Access

The building work of 2018 has allowed us to make proper provision for the physically disabled - thank you, grant funders! There is now level access into the church for wheelchairs through the side door (go through the gate on the High Street; the pend brings you to the side entrance, and also leads to the garden, via steps). Access to the church through the front door of course remains possible, but is more difficult, since we have to get our portable ramp into position first. Once inside, the church is level and gives immediate access to a disabled toilet near the side door.

Next to the toilet are the stairs to the upper floor, with an adjacent lift designed for wheel chair use. The upper floor also has a disabled toilet, off the main room, and gives access to the small, paved terrace at the bottom of the garden.

Unfortunately, the step at the front of the church remains, but with use of our portable ramp, stored just inside the church, access even there is possible with assistance.

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Partial-Sight / Blindness

We have large-print (though not Braille) copies of the 1982 Liturgy, which is the basis for the main Sunday service and for Tuesdays. We also have large-print copies of the detailed service book we actually follow in our Sunday worship. But do, please, ask!

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at St Peter's.

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Hard of Hearing

Installation of a T-Loop system was completed in 2008.

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